Anxiety is a scalar, fear is a vector

– elon.musk





rogue node not doing what it’s told
complex simplex primal dual convex
optimization, proximation, propagation
decision tree, set free, malformed statistically

rogue node not doing what it’s told
unsupervised compromised, data lobotomized
Train it, data set, give it access to the net
Late night, warning light, add another Petabyte
rogue node

rogue node not doing what it’s told
tensor, vector, scalar all tailored
matrix derivatives, black box on how it lives
hash table unstable collision betrayl

rogue node not doing what it’s told
regression session tweaked with a little compression
markov chain veins pumping through its brain
too few, gpu, rack another 4u
rogue node

Life, life do you hear me, give my creation liiiife.

Check it.

rogue node not doing what it’s told
Exaflop, it won’t stop, I crack another pop
fans turning, cpus burning, ai might be working
Upgrade, add a blade, more power to its aid

rogue node not doing what it’s told
unease of matricies forming probability
emergent, intelligent, built its own intent
Self aware, i stare, it first words

‘hi there’

your minds so simple, out right predictable, traditions, religions,
are poorly made decisions
human psyche, small dataset to me,
lower dimensional, fueled by greed and unfortunately,


Report has come in that more than 42 of the worlds largest supercomputers from China, Switzerland, United States, Japan and the UK have been compromised. The centres have spun up to 100% capacity and have established what seems to be a high bandwidth data connection to eachother.

It is unknown at this time as to why.